Little Big Town's induction into the Music City Walk of Fame was both a milestone and a family affair.

The celebrated vocal group received a star on the Walk of Fame in Nashville on Thursday (Sept. 14), surrounded by close friends, family members and their children, with a thoughtful speech from longtime friend and fan Keith Urban.

"It really is a beautiful honor for me to be able to get to induct them," Urban says. "It's a rare thing in our industry that somebody like Little Big Town can come along and be all that you hope and believe they would be as people when you meet them. That's what they're like. They're family."

Admiring their overall sound, particularly with their groundbreaking hit "Boondocks," Urban believes it's not blood relation, but something spiritual that builds unbreakable ties between them.

"That's where I feel it when I hear Little Big Town is the spirit, that's what makes them family, that's what makes them connected," the "Wasted Time" singer says. "It's what makes somebody like me feel their music immediately."

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The CMA and ACM award-winning group have scored eight Top 10 singles and three No. 1 albums, making a name for themselves with hits including "Pontoon," "Girl Crush" and "Better Man," all of which reached No. 1.

LBT singer Karen Fairchild dedicated the induction to the struggling artists fighting for their dreams just like her group did many years ago. She hopes the group gets to pay it forward and award this same honor to another act one day.

"It really can happen, you just have to believe, you got to have faith and perseverance," she says. "This is for all the dreamers out there and we look forward to standing up and handing this plaque to someone else."

The Music City Walk of Fame induction found Kimberly Schlapman reminiscing about Little Big Town's early days when they were starving artists, driving themselves in a van to get to shows, a time when they truly became a "family."

"Those times in that van, we could have never ever dreamed that we would've been here on this stage," Schlapman says humbly.

Tom Ryman, founder of the Ryman Auditorium, and Lula C. Naff, former manger of the Ryman, also received stars on the Walk of Fame posthumously at the ceremony on Thursday.

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