Little Big Town is a sneaky summertime group, because each of their four (yes, four!) seasonal jams is a total reimagining. "Summer Fever" brings cosmopolitan swagger to a country music sub-genre mostly dominated by rural sunsets, girls in cut-off shorts and memories of youthful indiscretions.

There is something very L.A. about the Karen Fairchild co-written introduction to Little Big Town's next studio album. "Summer Fever" releases heat without a breeze until the chorus. A walking bass line sets an urgent cadence that mirrors the singer's rush to immerse herself in cool salt air, and it all comes together as her bandmates join in. You can almost hear her concrete steps finding soft sand as the track exhales.

Add this summer primer to "Day Drinking" (spring 2014), "Pontoon" (spring 2012) and "Boondocks" (spring 2005) to appreciate how often Little Big Town has set the table for summer. Only "Day Drinking" and "Pontoon" feel like cousins — "Summer Fever" is the little sister who sold everything to live on the beach before losing some (but not all) of that gypsy spirit.

Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure and Sam Roman joined Fairchild to write "Summer Fever," a fascinating and unexpected addition to the Little Big Town catalog. With new influences introduced on every new project, crafting expectations based on the last album is somewhat pointless. It's best to relax, keep an open mind and enjoy music from artists that truly seem to start from scratch every time.

Did You Know?: Shane McAnally and Jesse Frasure produced this single, which indicates a shift for Little Big Town. Each of their last three country albums was produced by Jay Joyce.

The Best Summer Song Ever? You Choose!

Little Big Town, "Summer Fever" Lyrics:

Feel that salt in the air, almost there / Got that wind in my hair, Ray-Ban glare / Hear that song we love on the radio / Stir it up, baby we both know.

We're ‘bout to float that Malibu / With that flip-flop attitude / With that old school mixtape playing.

Over and over again on a blown out speaker / Dance in the sand while the sun sets deeper / Got that top back on that Jeep / Got that soundtrack on repeat / Got that one hand on my knee and I want it / Over and over again catching summer fever, summer fever, summer fever.

Close our eyes and let it take us / Lost in the waves and the palm trees swaying / All alone and out of reach / Just the stars and the moonlight, you and me.

We're ‘bout to float that Malibu / With that barefoot attitude / With that slow jam mixtape playing.

Endless sun-kissed smile on our face / Chase that love like it’s running away / And I want it / Yeah I want it / Ohhhh.

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