A 'Tornado' hit 'The Late Show With David Letterman' on Tuesday (Feb. 12), courtesy of Little Big Town. The country quartet stormed the stage on the late night talk show to perform their latest single, which is also the title track from their newest album.

If you missed the stellar performance (because you simply didn't know they were going to be on the show or maybe because you fell asleep midway through the episode), well, here's your chance to enjoy some LBT on 'Letterman.' It's never too late to take in a LBT performance.

The country foursome has exploded in the past year or so on the back of their smash hit 'Pontoon.' But seeing them perform a darker, more deliberate and downright edgier track shows music fans who may not have been aware of them before 'Pontoon' why they have been doing their thing for so long. This staging of the song showed that there is more to LBT than "motorboatin'."

The ladies of LBT looked sultry and sounded terrific, as always, while the gentleman grooved on their instruments. Kimberly Schlapman appeared to be enjoying herself while tapping that tambourine, with her signature blonde ringlets making her standout on the low-lit stage. It was a subtle way to entertain, but an effective one nonetheless.

Overall, it was a solid performance from the fourpiece.

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