Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for 20 years, so they know each other's quirks pretty well. The couple sat down with Architectural Digest recently to discuss what it's like living together, and their answers were pretty funny — and surprising.

It turns out, McGraw and Hill are as different as night and day when it comes to keeping a clean home, but one thing they have in common? They'd both get rid of the other's cell phone if given the chance.

Despite many differences, the couple share that the one thing they have in common is what they wish they could get rid of from the other person.

"If you could get rid of any article of mine in our home, what would it be?" Hill asks her husband.

McGraw was hilariously quick to respond: "Maybe your cell phone." Seconds later, Hill responds the same way when asked the question.

Through the Years, It's Always Their Love!

It's revealed in the minute-long clip that Hill is probably the cleanliest of the two, as McGraw reveals says she makes sure to keep their house clean. Hill admits that the hardest part about living with her husband is his lack of cleanliness.

"You miss the hamper every so often. Every day. Every time you take a shower," she says.

Later, Hill asks her husband what he thinks the key to a happy marriage is, and his response offers some good advice to men everywhere: "Just say yes ma'am a lot."

Hill's answer to the same question? "Not saying yes all the time," she says with a big smile.

Other things we learned about the couple? McGraw hates washing dishes, but he loves his La-Z-Boy. He's not getting much time to sit lately — the couple kicked off their 2017 Soul2Soul Tour in April and will be going coast to coast in the U.S. through October.

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