LoCash took the Brothers Challenge and learned that they don't really see things the same way. There's very little agreement about who's the most clumsy and who's messier, but they do get along when it comes to who's the better chef.

They agree that Preston Brust is best at tennis and Chris Lucas is better at every other sport. Who knew? Watch the video above to see the ACM-nominated duo answer questions like, "Who would survive on a desert island the longest?" Gotta say we agree with Lucas' logic on this one.

While not technically brothers, the duo has a familial bond built from a decades worth of songwriting and hustling to "make it" in country music. Their new Brothers album (Wheelhouse Records) is their most high-profile release to date, coming on the strength of a Top 30 hit in "Feels Like a Party," a new songwriting partnership with Florida Georgia Line and some of their most dynamic songs so far. One song called "Kissing a Girl" will have you looking at this party duo totally differently.

It's possible the serious tone struck on the new ballad will be undercut, but their response to "Who was more of a ladies man back in the day?" — gold. LoCash are nothing if not quick to adapt to their surroundings.

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