The LoCash Cowboys' career has been a series of stops and starts -- until now. With the release of their self-titled debut album, Chris Lucas and Preston Brust finally get to show fans all sides of their personality. Ballads like 'Best Seat in the House' and the previously released 'Keep in Mind' soften the image that songs like 'C-O-U-N-T-R-Y' and 'Here Comes Summer' helped build.

But those rockers are still their bread and butter. 'Hey Hey Hey' opens the project, introducing anyone who'd found the album by accident to what the Cowboys stand for. The rowdy tracks are tighter and more authentic -- there's less show and more reliance on strong lyrics and ideas. In fact, when one gets to the previously-released 'C-O-U-N-T-R-Y' (an eye-rolling closing track), it feels like a let down.

'Bounce,' 'Little Miss CrazyHot' and 'Fine' fall in line, but only 'Fine' comes away as a memorable moment. It's a rocker that will draw comparisons to Warrant's 'Cherry Pie.'

Lucas calls 'Best Seat in the House' his favorite on 'LoCash Cowboys,' and it's easy to see why. The song contains deeply personal lyrics about the death of his father. It's a great song, but his vocal performance doesn't fully take advantage of it. Later on the album, 'Keep in Mind' is a better vocal showcase for the duo, but no one is going to compare either of the men to Ronnie Dunn.

The strongest two songs on this album are 'Love Drunk' and the George Jones duet, 'Independent Trucker.' The latter is a great vocal performance -- that deep growl is absolutely contagious -- while the other represents their best chance at a hit. 'Love Drunk' is just an easy song to enjoy. The two come alive when they relax and enjoy the laid-back groove the steel drum provides. It's a new direction they can explore in the future.

After a strong start, 'LoCash Cowboys' sags in the middle before finishing strong. It's an energetic album, so many of the lulls are given a shock by tempo and the two mens' spirits. There's a sense that the duo is still trying to refine their sound as one sorts through the various styles. Doing so will help create a more consistent project in the future.