LoCash Cowboys are turning heads and making people sit up and listen with their amazing new single, 'Keep in Mind.' The ballad speaks straight to the heart, reminding the listener what's important in life.

The song was penned by Jeffrey Steele and Shane Minor, who both contributed to the song from their hearts as songwriters, but more importantly, as fathers.

"Jeffrey was in Florida, and he had just gone through a lot with [the death of] Alex, his son," Minor tells Taste of Country. "He loves his daughters ... He's just a wonderful dad. When he got back, he called me and said, 'Where are you, man?' I was downtown. He said for me to come over because he had this idea for a song. When I got there, he was playing that opening riff to the song on the piano."

"We start talking about our kids and the loss he suffered," Minor continues. "Every time they leave the house, we always want to know where they're going. You want them to know that you always love them."

Out of nowhere, Steele sang the first few lines of the song's opening verse:

"Keep in mind / As you head out in that cold / Don't forget to take your coat / TV is sayin' snow / Keep in mind / That old car of yours / Ain't no good on slippery roads / And I won't sleep a wink / With you out there all alone"

"We wrote it about what we say to our kids all the time," Minor says. "When we’re dead and gone, we want them to listen to this song. It's kind of a tribute and written as a passage to all kinds, whether they're going off to war, going to college, going somewhere with friends ... Whatever the situation may be. It really resonated."

The Cowboys sing in the chorus:

"I know those dreams you're tryin' to chase / You want 'em now but they won't wait / Last thing you're thinking about / Is slowin' it down / And the ones you left behind / But I'm always thinkin' of you / Cause when somebody loves you / That's what they do / All of the time / So keep in mind"

"Next thing I knew, [LoCash's] Preston and Chris, who I absolutely adore, had the song," Minor beams. "Once I heard the cut, I thought they sang it beautifully. They just nailed it! They couldn't have done a better job."

'Keep in Mind' is currently in the Top 40 and climbing. Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with LoCash Cowboys as they talk further about 'Keep in Mind,' and check out the music video, which can be viewed below.

Watch the LoCash Cowboys' 'Keep in Mind' Video