Next weekend (Saturday, May 7), Preston Brust and Chris Lucas – better known as the LoCash Cowboys – will have the prestigious honor to make their debut performance on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. The opportunity to be part of the Opry show is something artists of all levels take great pride in, but for LoCash Cowboys, it’s much more than just another night in their career.

"It’s so cool ... we still can’t believe it," Brust tells Taste of Country. "Chris said it best the other day: We used to worry a lot about it because the Opry is very traditional and gospel. It’s a very revered place to play. Chris and Preston and LoCash are kind of known for being crazy! So we didn’t know if we were ever going to be invited. We were like, 'We’re never going to make it over there. They’re never going to let us come.' And then, man … when they invited us, it was just like, 'Woah!'"

"I think [our last single] 'Keep in Mind' opened up the door for that," adds Lucas. "It showed another side of LoCash. It’s a song for the parents. We obviously sing it to our parents. I think the Opry really relates to that. I think this song opened up the door for that, and that will allow us to hopefully come back and do more songs."

"We respect that stage and we respect what the Opry stands for and what it’s all about," says Brust. "We want to be members. This is just our debut, but hopefully we’re going to be the guys that pop up every chance that they ask us to come play. This is hopefully just the beginning."

LoCash Cowboys will share the Opry lineup with the likes of Aaron Tippin and the Del McCoury Band, but there’s one legend in particular they are beside themselves about meeting.

"I just can’t wait to meet Little Jimmy Dickens," says Lucas, beaming. "If he introduced us, I would freak out! I’d be so nervous to go out there."

"I don’t care who introduces us," Brust adds with a grin. "They will always be my hero from that moment forward [laughs]!"

Brust and Lucas, who thrive on having a wild and crazy stage presence, say they will tone it down for the Opry performance because of the amount of respect they have for the stage and all who have played there. "We respect the Opry so much, and it is going to be the biggest honor I think that LoCash has ever had," Lucas says with sincerity. "It’s what we’ve worked so hard for doing."

"We would just really like to thank Pete Fisher and everybody over at the Opry for giving us this invitation and this opportunity," notes Brust. "It’s going to be one of those nights that we’ll never forget."

LoCash Cowboys will release their next single, 'You Got Me,' to radio on June 6. The song is the third release from their forthcoming album on Stroudavarious Records, which is being produced by hit songwriter Jeffrey Steele.