When Preston Brust of LoCash Cowboys chatted with WYCD recently, he was sporting a Waffle House hat. That's what we call "representing"! But Brust wasn't sporting this topper randomly. No way. He's a tried and true, loud and proud Waffle House fan. And really, who can blame him if you've tasted the roadside diner's scrumptious breakfast fare?

"I love eggs," Brust said. "I am an eggs dude for breakfast, lunch, dinner. I love pancakes and waffles and anything with syrup. I am a syrup freak."

In addition to his affinity for eggs and anything covered in sweet, sticky substances, Brust said that he feels an almost magnetic pull towards Waffle House, especially after spending time in nature. "If you've ever been hunting and you come by a Waffle House in the morning, your car automatically turns in to [the parking lot.] I have tried to fight the wheel," he said.

You can't fight Waffle House's ability to suck you into its vortex of deliciousness.

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