After just over two weeks of engagement, LoCash’s Preston Brust has already taken the plunge. He and Kristen White decided they couldn’t wait, and tied the knot in a private ceremony on Labor Day on the rooftop of Nashville’s new George Jones Museum.

Only family and close friends were in attendance, but it’s clear from their photo the couple had a very special day together.

"She’s my ‘soul on fire,’ my ‘song,’ my ‘person,’” Brust says.

“They say when you know, you know. I understood it all in a matter of seconds," White adds via Instagram.

Brust wore a cream-colored suit with black trim — shirt unbuttoned halfway, of course — and topped it off with a matching cowboy hat. His bride looked stunning in a strapless gown, with her blonde locks cascading down in loose curls.

Brust and White were engaged on Aug. 29 during a show at the iconic Grand Ole Opry in front of all LoCash’s fans, eight days after the singer’s birthday. Bandmate Chris Lucas is already a married man, so it looks like Brust can get marriage advice from him as needed.

The duo have been gaining popularity lately with their single “I Love This Life,” and even launched their very own brand of wine called Shipwrecked, which perhaps friends and family got to sample at the reception!

“We have always been huge wine guys,” says Brust. “A good bottle of wine is like a good song — its various ‘notes’ and aromas take your mind and senses to new depths. It’s a creative experience. I think that’s why we like it so much.”

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