Living legend Loretta Lynn and her famous ranch, the Plantation, are set to appear on the Travel Channel's hit television show 'Ghost Adventures' on June 10. The show's hosts, Zak, Nick and Aaron, will investigate their first celebrity home, which is located in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. During the special show with the iconic singer, Lynn shares the paranormal encounters she has experienced in the house, including details of sighting a "moaning woman."

The Plantation's history began over a century ago when a woman named Buela M. Anderson cried herself to death shortly after the loss of her baby. Lynn saw this apparition dressed in white pacing the balcony of the house. The singer also relates an experience her son had in "the Brown Room" of the house, where the spirit of a Civil War soldier attempted to forcefully take off his boots. Next, the team visits the basement that was once a slave pit, the cemetery and the mill. Each of these areas has paranormal stories associated with them.

The lockdown begins with the hosts collecting some compelling audio evidence inside the house. The spirits communicate the words "dig," "ground," "two" and "lot." The guys believe this is a reference to the cemetery on the property, where they head out to get more audio, this time saying words "moan" and "brown." The experts determine that "moan" is in reference to the "moaning woman" in the singer's story who’s buried in the cemetery. They then decide to head back into the house in order to explore "the Brown Room."

Once in "the Brown Room," the team attempts to elicit a response from the spirit that once haunted Lynn’s son. After obtaining enhanced audio evidence of the spirit of the Civil War soldier, the guys split up, venturing into various sections of the house where they capture enhanced audio of a spirit calling out Lynn's name.

The episode of Lynn's 'Ghost Adventures' is set to air on June 10 at 9:00PM ET on the Travel Channel. Two days prior to Lynn's show, the Travel Channel will also feature another country act -- the LoCash Cowboys -- as they tackle eating a 72 ounce steak for the new season of 'Man v. Food Nation.'

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