Do Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Grunderson really hunt squirrel in their spare time? Have they really killed 40 or 50 in a single day? Does Gunderson really use a Medieval sword to clear brush? The duo begin to answer some of these pressing questions in a new episode of 'Love and Theft TV,' premiering exclusively on Taste of Country.

In the 90-second episode, the singers -- who will release a self-titled new album on July 24 -- speed through an open field in a late-model, two-toned SUV. Anyone who's met or talked to Liles and Grunderson would agree that they're rednecking it up for the sake of theatre, although they're pretty convincing as they talk about searching for the biggest squirrel east of the Mississippi.

Local lore has it that a 150-pound squirrel with white patches on his hide lives in the woods that the two men are bravely entering. Viewer confidence isn't high as they put away their flask and magnifying glass and turn into the brush. However, the duo surprise us...

Love and Theft's debut album is available for pre-sale purchase now by clicking here.

Watch Love and Theft Go Squirrel Hunting on 'Love and Theft TV'