Actress Lucy Hale of ABC's 'Pretty Little Liars' is about to make her foray onto the country music scene, and she knows that her first album will be polarizing -- fans will either love it, or hate it.

But Hale wants people to know she is as serious as a heart attack about the genre, and, more importantly, her music.

"People will either love it or hate it," dark-haired singer and actress confesses to Seventeen. "But I think that once they hear it, they'll be like, 'Okay, she loves this and is serious about it.'"

She adds, "This is my pride and joy -- it's my baby! I worked my butt off on it."

Hale says that she intentionally hasn't talked much about the record yet, since she wants the music to speak for itself. But she maintains that she is "really, really, really proud of it," and she's letting the fans decide once they hear it.

She also admits that fellow ingénue Taylor Swift was an inspiration for her, both musically speaking and when it comes to approaching songs.

"We've got some breakup stuff, but we've got some beautiful love songs, too," she reveals. "It's definitely fun for me because I know who I'm singing about, and that's where the Taylor Swift in me comes out, because I know who I'm singing about and they'll know who I'm singing about."

We know Hale was serious when she recruited Sugarland's Kristian Bush to write songs for the record. He's tried and true in the country scene and can only help to boost her credibility.

A release date has not yet been announced.