Lucy Hale's new 'Road Between' album is her official introduction to country music fans, in more ways than one. Of course it's the first time fans can hear her new music, but it's also the first opportunity for those who've seen her acting work to discover who she is off stage.

During an UpClose interview with Taste of Country, Hale explains why she's excited to share the 11 songs on 'Road Between,' which is in stores now.

"It's the first time people are being introduced to 'Lucy,'" the singer-turned-actress-turned-singer says, referring to her work on shows like 'Pretty Little Liars.' Often fans form a perception of who an actor or actress is that's based on a character. For this Memphis native, it was important to tell her own story.

"It was the perfect time to make the album," the 25-year-old shares. "It was like a transitional year for me and I feel like I grew up a lot and figured out a lot of things and lucky enough it was when we were writing and recording."

'You Sound Good to Me' was the album's first single. 'Road Between' also features a collaboration with Joe Nichols on a song called 'Red Dress.' 'From the Backseat' and 'Nervous Girls' are other highlights from her debut country album.

"We just wanted it to be a snapshot of where I'm at in life right now, and I think we captured that," she adds.

Look for Hale to tour, and -- if she has her way -- release many more country albums in the future. Also, look for Part 2 of Hale's UpClose interview to be published soon on