'Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale took to the 'Good Morning America' stage on Friday (Jan. 10) to debut her single 'You Sound Good to Me' and proved that she can hold her own in country music.

After the first line, it was clear that the 'Pretty Little Liars' star is comfortable in front of the camera, and she also has fantastic musical prowess, with her voice holding strong.

Wearing a short black floral dress embellished with a breezy fringe that swayed as she moved to the beat, Hale looked perfectly polished as she debuted her new song on television. Her black boots tapped to the catchy rhythm, while her backing band didn't miss a note.

It's been a fantastic ride so far for Hale.

"This week has been kind of insane," the actress-turned-singer admits. "We dropped the single, the music video and the premiere of the show, and then I found out yesterday that I get to sing at the Grand Ole Opry."

Plus, 'You Sound Good to Me' debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Country chart -- a super impressive start for Hale.

"On cloud nine, for sure," she said with a smile.

However, her success hasn't come easily; Hale's forthcoming album was a labor of love that's been two years in the process. Says the songstress, "We spent a good time making it. We spent about two years ... really trying to get the sound right and figuring out what I wanted to say."

"So, I've been waiting quite a bit for this moment," she adds.


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