Lucy Hale’s country career begins with the official release of her single ‘You Sound Good to Me.’ The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star chose a song written by three of the top songwriters in Nashville and quickly made it her own with an energetic, syncopated love story that soon turns into a party-jam.

‘You Sound Good to Me’ is lyrically thick, with a chorus that will be difficult for fans to memorize after just a listen or two. However, the way Hale describes how she feels about her guy is colorful and creative. The spirit of the song is its hook.

It’s like an amen from the back of the choir / Sweet hum of freedom underneath the tires / Kick back sitting by the crackling fire / Strumming them guitar strings,” she sings to begin the chorus, adding, “Like an old song on the radio / That you grew up to and everybody knows / Rushing of the water when the river rose / Winding wild and free.”

Baby you sound good to me / Baby you sound so good to me / Mmm, mmm, mmm like a melody / Baby, you sound good to me.

Those are the lines fans will be shouting back at Hale when she performs the song live. That’s something one yearns to experience upon listening to this track. It’s carefree and fun without being disposable.

Tell me all your stories / And don’t you leave nothing out because baby I ain’t in a hurry / Everything little thing you say / Got a real nice ring to it / The way it rolls off your lips / And oh when you gave me that kiss,” the newcomer sings to begin the second verse.

Her style is a true mix of her influences (Shania Twain, Britney Spears, the Dixie Chicks) and her producer does a fine job of giving her space to shine as a vocalist. But the pressure isn’t entirely on her to carry the song. Hale doesn’t show potential to be the next Martina McBride or Carrie Underwood, but in fairness, ‘You Sound Good to Me’ isn’t the vehicle for that kind of singing. The mix of fiddle and steel guitar and the extra voices used during the bridge will convert any curmudgeons still complaining she’s too pop. This song is just too much fun to brush aside.

Key Lyrics: "Like an old song on the radio / That you grew up to and everybody knows / Rushing of the water when the river rose / Winding wild and free / Baby you sound good to me"

Did You Know? Lucy Hale won an 'American Idol' spinoff called 'American Juniors' in 2003. The Fox reality show had five winners who'd go on to form a pop-vocal group called American Juniors. The group never really panned out, and this singer/actress is by far the most successful of her bandmates.

Listen to Lucy Hale, ‘You Sound Good to Me’

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