When Willie Nelson announced last week his support for U.S. Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke in the upcoming mid-term elections in Texas, he managed to get quite a few of his conservative fans hot under the collar.

On Saturday evening (Sept. 15), Wilson's son Lukas took to social media to post a video defending his 85-year-old father's decision to back the Democrat, who is running against incumbent Republican Ted Cruz.

“My father has always led with his heart,” Lukas, who fronts his own band, Promise of the Real, notes. “In his life and his music, he's put his energy towards building a heart-based community with music as a cultural glue. The issues that are important to him have less to do with himself and what's good for him and more to do with what's good for the community.

"Republican or Democrat, he's always stood for the candidate who best represented his values, which include love for thy neighbor, no matter what color or nationality; responsibility with firearms, including some regulation to prevent unnecessary violence; and healthcare that isn't owned by private companies who put your health below their profit.”

He continued by noting that he's not a big fan of the news media: "I believe in knowing someone by meeting them face-to-face, observing the philosophies they live by and watching what they do," he says. "I have met and watched Beto, and I support my father’s decision to back him."

Lukas then urges viewers to seek balance and explore opposing views. "The common enemy is our divsion," he states. "Please don't hate someone for believing differently than you believe. Try and find a common ground."

The elder Nelson is set to headline a rally for O'Rourke in Austin on Sept. 29. His performance marks the first time he has ever performed a public concert on behalf of a political candidate. Lukas and Promise of the Real are also slated to play.

O'Rourke made headlines when he appeared onstage with Nelson at the icon's annual 4th of July picnic in 2018, joining Nelson's band onstage to play guitar and sing during the closing medley.

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