In 2013 alone, Luke Bryan has won ACM awards for Entertainer of the Year and Vocal Event of the year, plus a CMT award for Collaboration Video of the Year. But it's possible that the 'Country Girl (Shake It For Me)' hitmaker is better recognized for his killer dance moves.

The proof is in the mash-up videos. And lately, one with Bryan's most fantastic hip-shaking moments is being shared all over the internet (Warning: Contains language some viewers may find offensive.)

The clip was uploaded at the end of July, and less than a month later it already has more than 375,000 views. Seems that Bryan's fans -- or just fans of booty dancing in general -- just can't get enough of his dancing skills.

Set to Finatticz 'Don't Drop That Thun Thun,' the three-minute clip features dozens of shots of Bryan shaking, booty-dancing and gyrating all over the stage. And, of course, he's wearing tight blue jeans in every frame.

Although Bryan has a mash-up video dedicated to his shaking hips, he admitted in an interview on 'Chelsea Lately' that he can't actually twerk.

"I've been working on [my butt], gettin’ it," he spilled. “And I’ve learned about twerking. I can’t twerk. To twerk, you’ve gotta have another layer of like sponge or something. So I don’t have that.”

We have a feeling that with a little practice, Bryan could be twerking it in no time.

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