Luke Bryan’s ‘I See You’ is a breakup song that finds the singer enjoying a night out with friends -- or at least trying to.

His ex is on his mind, and he sees her at every turn. The memory of their love threatens his night -- it’s an oft-told, but welcome story in country music.

Don't know what you did, but you done it good / You don't know how bad that I wish I could / Delete you from my phone, find a girl and take her home / But there's just one thing wrong,” Bryan sings during the second verse of ‘I See You,’ a track he co-wrote with Luke Laird and Ashley Gorley.

The mid-tempo lost love song opens with a heavy guitar, but sonically, it quickly falls back to what fans know and love about Bryan. Haters may call it predictable, but familiarity has always played well in the format. He closes the chorus with:

Jumpin’ up there with the band / Takin’ me by the hand / Hey boy, come dance with me / Stuck like a melody in my head / In the bed of my truck / By the light of the midnight moon / Baby, I see you.”

Look for ‘I See You’ on Bryan’s ‘Crash My Party’ album.

Why Fans Will Love It: The song feels like many of Bryan's previous hits, with a similar patter and tone.

Key Lyrics: "I can't go anywhere, I can't do anything / No, I can't close my eyes without you in my dreams / You won't leave me alone, even though I know you're gone / I look around for someone new, but I see you"

Did You Know?: 'I See You' is the sixth single from 'Crash My Party,' something virtually unheard of in the modern era of music.

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