Luke Bryan says one song on his new Kill the Lights album is his first attempt at singing a pure love song to wife Caroline. He recently talked about playing it for her for the first time, saying he was very nervous.

“I played it for my wife and I had butterflies, her hearing it for the first time,” Bryan tells Entertainment Tonight about “To the Moon and Back," “because it was my attempt through song telling her how much she means to me.”

The delicate ballad comes late on the album, released last Friday. “From the crazy and the different to the more of the same / From the coast is clear to a hurricane / Yeah I’ll be right beside you, on the road or off the tracks / To ends of the earth, to the moon and back,” he sings.

Like many artists, Bryan was thrown off by three recent high-profile divorces in country music. He indicates that his marriage is going strong, saying he and Caroline are “really, really blessed.”

“We both have our things that we love to do,” he says. “We can tell when we need a night off. Go grab a hotel room somewhere or go do a fun date night or something.”

Thomas Rhett is another star who talked about the strength of his marriage in the wake of the Shelton/Lambert, Reba McEntire and Jake Owen separations. He told Taste of Country that you never know what’s happening with a couple at home, no matter how many times you hang out socially.

Bryan said he’s just hoping Shelton and Lambert can find happiness. “In my life, I’ve dealt with a lot of permanent loss where you know you can’t get people back, and I just always pray — certainly in Blake and Miranda’s case — that they’ll be happy, you know, however, whatever shakes out, and anybody going through that.”

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