After the devastating news that country’s sweethearts Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were splitting, the close-knit country community has been reaching out to express their support and sympathy for the couple. Not excluded is fellow country star Luke Bryan, who really just wants both parties to be happy.

"A divorce out of the public eye is a tremendous thing to have to deal with, so when they're in the public eye, you just hope they're doing good and you hope they're happy at the end of the day," he tells Entertainment Tonight.

Bryan is a close friend of Shelton’s, and he reiterated his message when asked about the divorce by Extra"You know, we've certainly talked about it … At the end of the day, I want people happy,” the "Kick the Dust Up" hitmaker admits.

"In my life, I've dealt with a lot of permanent loss where you know you can't get people back, and I just always pray — certainly in Blake and Miranda's case — that they'll be happy, you know, however, whatever shakes out, and anybody going through that," he furthers.

Truthfully, Bryan has seen more than his share of loss, including his brother-in-law, who passed away suddenly in November. Bryan lost his sister in 2007, so the singer and his wife have since taken in the couple's three children, including 13-year-old Til. Bryan's brother died in a car accident when the singer was just 19.

"I mean, life is precious and short and you need to find that happy place and get there,” he adds.

Shelton and Lambert announced the split in a joint statement on on July 20, 2015, shaking the country music world. Since then, the artists have gone their separate ways — Shelton launching the ninth season of The Voice and Lambert touring — though both artists were on the bill at WE Fest this past weekend, headlining different days. Neither she nor Shelton has spoken at length about the divorce, though the "Little Red Wagon" singer alluded to it briefly during her set, quipping with a bit of a dark humor, “I wish I’ve been drinking all day; I deserve it. I just got divorced."

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