Luke Bryan may be a hip-shaking country star onstage, but when he's offstage, he's dad to two little boys -- five-year-old Bo and two-year-old Tate -- and husband to his gorgeous wife Caroline. At a recent Nashville event he opened up about the challenges of parenting and how his wife pulls it all together. 

During a recent conversation about what it's like to be a successful musician and dad, Bryan said, “It’s amazing to try and pull off this stuff and be a dad and be a country singer.” According to the Tennessean Bryan also talked about purchasing an additional tour bus for his family to travel in.

He gave props to his wife, saying, “Caroline busts her butt to be the perfect wife, lets me have this career and lets me shake my ass on stage every night. We just drove the bus back from Grayton Beach with both boys and they slept in bunks. And how many times did Tate wake up? Three?"

“Thirty,” his wife corrected from her seat in the audience. “Well, I was up for two of them,” he said.

The 'Crash My Party' singer delved into greater detail about his son, saying proudly, “And he just poo-pooed in the potty, and that’s a big thing. We’ve gone through two million diapers.”

Bryan has shared other experiences with his kids and "poo-poo" before, Even though he probably deals with more "poo-poo" than he could ever imagine, he wouldn't trade it for anything.

“These are amazing days,” he admits. “They won’t be amazing forever. One day we’ll be looking back on it all.”

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