Luke Bryan flashed his famous smile and a bare chest this week during an episode of 'Ellen.' After singing 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me),' the singer joined the talk show host for episode three of her purposefully thrown together soap opera spoof, 'As the Tide Turns.'

The skit is really just a product plug, but it's entertaining enough that few will mind. Ellen confronts Bryan's character (Pierre) as he's doing laundry in the living room. She accuses him of being in love with her evil twin sister, an accusation he can't deny. After sniffing around (literally), the blonde asks about his laundry detergent.

"What your smelling is all me, kitten," Bryan replies before Ellen goes in for a closer whiff. The shirt gets ripped open and the singer smiles while his temporary co-star noses his chest. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the entire skit is that Bryan's chest is as smooth as an Olympic swimmer's. Does the 'I Don't Want This Night to End' singer shave? Wax? Or is he just naturally hairless?

Watch Luke Bryan and Ellen's Episode of 'As the Tide Turns'

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