Luke Bryan's birthday did not go without recognition from his friends and family. The singer turned 47 years old on Monday (July 17), and Caroline honored his day with a series of silly photos taken from recent time together.

There's even a short video of Bryan doing a birthday dance!

The family and friends look to be on a fishing trip at an area in southeast Idaho called South Fork Canyon. The first image finds them in front of a birthday sign, while others show them around fishing boats.

Several others may be unrelated: For example, there's a pic of Luke in his tour bus, and another of him giving Caroline a smooch on a golf course in a tropical setting.

Bryan was born on July 17, 1976. His career began to take off soon after he and Caroline married in the mid-2000s, and for several years straight she would get him an often hilarious, occasionally lewd birthday cake. Last year's was in the shape of a can of his Two Lane Beer.

In 2015 she bought him a cake that we're going to ask you to volunteer to look at, instead of forcing it on you. Warning, you may not like it if you've just eaten.

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Ryan Seacrest is one celebrity who wished Bryan a Happy Birthday. The country star's kids are all pictured in Caroline's family pics, as are two people who look like family friends.

Bryan's next shows are are on Thursday in Oregon and Friday-Sunday in California.

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