Luke Combs may have just shared one of the new songs on his upcoming deluxe album. The "Lovin' on You" singer revealed a sample of a song called "Forever After All" and made it clear it's inspired by wife Nicole Hocking.

The ballad reflects on how love lasts even after death with these lyrics:

"They say nothing lasts forever / But they ain’t seen us together / Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes / And I know there’ll be that moment / The good Lord calls one of us home and / One won’t have the other by their side / But heaven knows but that won’t last too long / Maybe some things last forever after all.”

His caption "1st came Beautiful Crazy, then Better Together and now Forever After All," refers to two other songs Hocking was a muse for. Officially there's no word on when the third part of this trilogy will be released in full to fans.

Here's Combs' clip on TikTok:

Combs and Hocking married earlier this month in Florida, after an 18-month engagement. It was a private wedding, with plans for something larger in 2021. "Yesterday was the best day of my life. I got to marry my best friend. I love you @nicohocking, here’s to forever," Combs wrote in making the announcement.

The pair met and began dating in 2016, just as Combs was beginning his career. While songs like "Hurricane" and "She Got the Best of Me" are heartbreakers, it's fairly safe to assume love songs from his two most recent albums were at least partially motivated by bliss in his own romantic life.

What You See Ain't Always What You Get is the name of Combs' new deluxe album. Five new songs will be added to the 17 on the original release from 2019. He has not yet announced the release date.

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