There's nothing that makes you feel like you're Gettin' Old like a throwback picture that dates back to your younger days, and Luke Combs dug up the very first photo ever snapped of him with his now-wife Nicole together in a gushing appreciation post that shows just how much the couple have grown over the years.

In the throwback snap, Combs and Nicole actually don't look all that much different than they do today: The singer's still rocking his trademark ball cap, sunglasses and scuzzy beard, while Nicole is wearing her blonde hair in a style similar to her current look. The main difference is the youthful exuberance and buzz of new romance in their faces — plus, their current photos together feature a few more glammed-up red carpet shots and fewer blurry bar selfies.

The second picture in Combs' slide features another important milestone: His wedding day. In that shot — which was taken in August 2020, when the couple tied the knot — Combs and his bride share a laugh as they read their vows at the altar.

In the caption of his post, Combs offers some gushing, sweet sentiments of love for the partner who he's grown closer to every day.

"From the second that I saw you, my whole world stood still," Combs writes. "After all this time, I'm just as in love as the day I made you mine. I ain't stopped flying high and never will. I'm falling for you still."

Combs' message of love sounds like a song lyric, and it just might be: Some fans might recall that back in November 2021, the singer was playing a show in Houston when he tried out an unreleased bluegrass song, which, according to fan-captured footage published in Music Mayhem, he'd titled "Falling for You Still." Sure enough, the lyrics match the words in Combs' new Instagram post caption.

A gander at the tracklist for the star's upcoming Gettin' Old album also reveals that track six is a song called "Still," so it's not a far-fetched idea that the track he debuted way back in 2021 has now found a home on the singer's next album.

It wouldn't be the first time that the singer has used his wife as his muse for a love song — or the first time he used lyrics in an appreciation post for Nicole. When he released "Love You Anyway" earlier in February, Combs explained that he got the idea to write the song after mentioning Nicole during a show. He then shared some of the lyrics of the song alongside a post of him and his wife together at the 2022 BMI Awards in November.

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