Madde & Tae's 'Girl in a Country Song' video -- a response to hot 'bro-country' song themes -- is a hilarious enactment of what it would look like if the roles were reversed.

Like many country videos, this one starts with some beautiful women. Two bikini-clad girls are the subject of affection to several men on a tailgate while the new duo looks on. The women in bikinis work in the fields and fix their tiny tops before Maddie & Tae come up with a better idea: They hit the role reversal switch and things get ... interesting.

Suddenly in the 'Girl in a Country Song' video, the men are now where they women were, even wearing very little clothing. From crop tops to barely-there overalls, the boys strut their stuff all sexy like, even doing a little dance on the tailgate for a crowd full of enthusiastic women -- much like the women depicted in bro-country hits.

Meanwhile, Maddie & Tae sing together on the tailgate and play their guitars. They do a little butt slapping, and the men pose on swings in tied-up shirts and cowboy boots, showing off their beer bellies while working the farm. The best part? The men all work together to get their truck clean while looking a little ... well, sexual.

It's safe to say Maddie & Tae enjoyed filming their debut music video.

'Girl in a Country Song' has received a huge response from country radio, but was the talk of fans and the media long before its official release. The girls' upcoming album -- their first -- does not yet have a release date.

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