Maddie & Tae are moving on from a breakup and picking themselves off the floor in their latest song, "Bathroom Floor." The energetic country tune showcases a different side of the duo than on their previous songs "Friends Don't" and "Die from a Broken Heart."

"Bathroom Floor" opens with rip-roaring electric guitar and enthusiastic banjo before pulsating drums kick in to take it to the next level of having fun and celebrating. The production bears a striking resemblance to that of Carrie Underwood's "Undo It" in the best way, with "Bathroom Floor" being able to capture the more angry tones and turn them into a song to jam to on your next girl's night out.

"Bathroom Floor" was written by Taylor Dye along with her future husband, songwriter Josh Kerr. The song centers around the central theme of moving on after a breakup and living life again: "Get up off the bathroom floor / Let's wipe the tears off your cheeks / Put on a dress and get out that door / Girl, the first shot's on me / Let's jump into a cab downtown / Let a sexy man spin you around / Let's show that heart some neon magic / Till we're drunk and laughing / Back on the bathroom floor." The upbeat lyrics are a possible indication as to where Maddie & Tae will take their Everywhere I'm Goin' EP, which is set for release Oct. 18.

Across the track Maddie & Tae put their incredible harmonies on display and also showcase their respective their vocal ranges, which helps bring the much-needed enthusiasm that is expressed in the lyrics.

Maddie & Tae will be joining Underwood for the second leg of her Cry Pretty 360 Tour. For Tour dates and to pre-order a copy of the duos upcoming EP Everywhere I'm Goin' are available here.

Did You Know?: Maddie & Tae have a platinum-selling single with their hit "Girl in a Country Song."

"Bathroom Floor" Lyrics:

Girl, I know / He done did a number on your soul / It sucks, it's sad / I wish I could, but I can’t change that / But hey, good news / We've all been there a time or two / And one thing I've learned / Is it’s gonna be hard, but trust me girl


Get up off the bathroom floor / Let's wipe the tears off your cheeks / Put on a dress and get out that door / Girl, the first shot's on me / Let's jump into a cab downtown / Let a sexy man spin you around / Let's show that heart some neon magic / 'Til we're drunk and laughin' / Back on the bathroom floor

No, it ain’t your fault / He couldn’t see you're beautiful? His loss / So put on your high heels / I bet you’re gonna love the way it feels

Repeat Chorus

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