Madysyn's "Girlfriend" brings an important message for the guy blowing up her phone in the middle of the night.

Premiering exclusively on Taste of Country on Thursday (Feb. 27), the up-and-coming singer embraces the laid-back, breezy feeling of the track, co-penned and produced by Ross Copperman, one of Nashville's top songwriters. (If his work sounds familiar, it should — he has written hits for Luke Bryan, Dierks BentleyKeith Urban and many others.)

The first verse finds Madysyn laying in bed one night as she sees the infamous three dot bubble appear on her phone. She knows the suggestive text that's about to follow, but even if she gives in, she won't tolerate mind games, and she's letting the guy on the other end know that he'll have to make an effort in order to prove that to him, she's more than just a late-night phone call.

"If you want it all / And not just the weekend / If you want to stay / Stay 'til the AM / If you wanna call / Call me your girlfriend," Madysyn demands in the chorus over a suave melody of sharp acoustic guitar and a drum beat that accents her soulful voice. "

'Girlfriend' is a feel good, but sassy song! To me, I always feel empowered when listening and singing it," she shares. "The confident message behind it is super relatable."

The rising star got her start positing videos to her YouTube channel, where she would cover songs from Carrie Underwood to Adele. From there she began releasing original studio recordings, including "Fall for You" and her previous single, "Empty Space." "Girlfriend" will be officially released on Friday (Feb. 28).

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