Things are about to come to a head on a very special episode of This Is Us, and series star Mandy Moore admits watching the episode made her so emotional that she still wasn't over it the next day.

Moore turned to Instagram Stories on Thursday (Feb. 1) after seeing the episode with her fellow castmates, sharing a picture of herself wearing under-eye masks.

Mandy Moore via Instagram Stories

“Watched the Super Bowl episode last night with the cast and I’m still not okay,” she wrote to accompany the picture.

The show has been jumping backward and forward in time throughout the current season to give viewers some hints as to how the family's patriarch, Jack Pearson, dies, and the most recent episode appeared to build right up to the moments it might have happened before abruptly cutting away.

We've seen what a great husband and father Jack was, and we've seen the aftermath of how his loss affected his wife and kids over the ensuing years, but despite a few clues here and there, fans are still left to wonder exactly how Jack died, and how the circumstances of his death might play into the sense of guilt that his daughter, Kate, seems to have been carrying around ever since. And how did his wife, Rebecca — played by Moore — end up marrying his best friend after his death?

This Is Us is airing on a special day and time directly following the Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb. 4), and commercials for the episode promise fans will have the answers to some key questions afterward. From Moore's reaction after viewing the episode, they might wish they didn't, but This Is Us executive producer Isaac Aptaker tells Entertainment Weekly that while "it’s not necessarily what people expect," fans will be more than satisfied. Calling the episode "very, very exciting," he says, "It’s one of the most emotional episodes we’ve ever done, but there is a silver lining to it, and there’s an uplift to the episode. While it’s incredibly intense in a lot of ways, there is beauty to it, and there is optimism to it. That’s so important to us — to always find the lighter side of things too.”

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