Margo Price is emerging as one of the most outspoken artists in country music, and she doesn't hold back in a new interview, sharing her thoughts about gun control, President Trump and her support for the "amazing" rising tide of women demanding equal rights.

Price recently released her sophomore album, All American Made, which is filled with sharply-written observations about the struggles of everyday working Americans. Speaking to Rolling Stone Country on a day when Trump was visiting Nashville to give a speech to a coalition of farmers, she observes, "I don't understand how people think that some rich guy that has been handed everything his whole life knows anything about the struggling working class."

Price herself is the product of a blue-collar upbringing in rural Illinois, which she chronicles extensively on her acclaimed debut album, 2016's Midwest Farmer's Daughter. She has been one of the few country artists to speak up to advocate for gun control after the mass shooting that killed 58 people at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in October, despite the fact that her father used to help feed her family by hunting.

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"There's something beautiful about that," Price says. "But we didn't have high-powered machine guns when this all started."

A strong thread of female empowerment runs through many of Price's songs, including "Pay Gap," which she wrote after finding out she'd been paid less for a festival gig than a male singer of similar success, and "This Town Gets Around," which was inspired by the time she says a Nashville manager and producer spiked her drink. She's thrilled that the issues that women have quietly lived with for so long are finally being addressed in public.

"Women are not going to put up with s--t anymore, and it's amazing," Price states. "I don't know when actual equality will come, or if we need to burn more bras, but I'm happy to see some things coming to light, even if they're kind of painful."

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