Margo Price's "Four Years of Chances" mixes blues, soul and scorn into an undeniable country story of redemption that's best described as honest. So convincing are Price's vocals that one listens on edge, as if she knows your secrets.

On her latest single from Midwest Farmer's Daughter Price is singing as if the no-good ex-lover was at her door trying to squeeze back in. Her urgent fury builds a tension that rides along a seductive bass line. The music charms you, pulling you in before Price sets you back.

A B.B. King-esque guitar solo pays tribute to Memphis, where Price recorded "Four Years of Chances" and her latest record. This is a song you beg to see performed live. It's one thing to listen to Margo Price. Quite another to experience her first-hand.

Did You Know?: Not long after getting married, Price and her husband moved to Colorado and lived in a tent. They busked for their dinners with a sign that said, "Just Married, Need Money for Rings."

Listen to Margo Price, "Four Years of Chances" 

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Margo Price, "Four Years of Chances" Lyrics:

“Well, I waited four long winters / Yes, I waited in the sun / I was crying all alone / While you were out having fun / I gave you four years of chances / But you threw 'em all away / I gave you one thousand, four hundred sixty-one days.”

“I gave you four years of chances / To try to be your wife / I cleaned your shirts, and cooked up your supper / But you stayed up late at night / I gave you four years of chances / To try and fill a happy home / But now one more may as well be a million and one.”

“And now you know you lost me, darling / And you can't get me back / Ain't that just like a man / To change so fast / Because you want what you can't have / And now I'm going to say it slowly / Before I got away / You had me one thousand, four hundred sixty-one days.”

“I found myself a good man now / You know he treats me like he should / We live in a shack by a railroad track / He's out back chopping wood / We don't have too much money / But I'll tell you why that's okay / He loves me every moment / Of them three hundred sixty-five days.”