Martina McBride has taken on the role of Tomato-in-Chief following radio consultant Keith Hill's #SaladGate comments. The country star spoke out on Facebook and even appeared on CBS This Morning to talk about the issues facing women in country music. Now, fans can help in the quest for equality and diversity on the radio dial.

McBride came up with the brilliant idea to create two separate T-shirts — a red "tomato" tee for the ladies of country music and "tomato lover" for men and supporters of country's females — and is selling them for an extremely limited time with all proceeds going to her charity, Team Martina.

A description on the shirt website reads:

"Martina McBride has recently spoken out in support of women being played on country radio and wants to give you a chance to show your support as well. The 'tomato' on this shirt is a reference to an analogy made recently by a radio executive about male country artists being referred to as the more important 'lettuce' in a salad and females the 'tomatoes.' His point being: 'If you want to make ratings in country radio, take females out.' Help Martina support the 'tomatoes' of country music by wearing either of these shirts, conceptualized by Martina, while they’re available! Any and all proceeds will benefit Martina’s charity, Team Martina.

PS: If you feel strongly about hearing more women on your country radio station, give them a call and let them know!"

Team Martina is McBride's global charity group, set up with the goal of "empowering fans and supporters around the world to join her in making the world a better place through volunteerism and the healing power of music." In the past, the charity raised $40,000 for cancer research at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, $33,000 for a new playground and green space for inner-city kids in Atlanta, and most recently, $30,000 to help orphaned children in Latin America at Covenant House International.

McBride's Tomato and Tomato Lover shirts go for $12, but they will only be available until 10PM ET on June 6, so don't wait (the country superstar has plans to extend that date if there's enough interest)!

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