Merle Haggard’s life may make its way to the big screen.

According to Deadline, a script detailing the life of the legendary singer has been in the works, written by Cliff Hollingsworth (Cinderella Man). The biopic, Done It All, borrows the title from one of Haggard's songs.

The project is something Haggard knew about before his death on April 6. He reportedly put his friend, Carl Cooper, in charge of helping to develop a film on his life alongside screenwriter Hollingsworth and GMH Productions.

Deadline reports that producer Donald Kushner had been talking to Haggard about releasing a film on his life. Kushner approached Hollingsworth to write the script, who said he would do the project on spec.

The script for Done It All has already been finished. Next steps include meeting with actors and directors.

The timing for the finished script is eerily coincidental, as Haggard passed away last week after months of health battles. No word on what music would be featured in the film, but Haggard left behind hundreds of songs in his personal archive and a film on his life and legacy could be a fitting tie-in to release some of this music.

Last year, Haggard spoke with Broadway’s Electric Barnyard and revealed that he had "probably 300, 400 songs that I haven’t released that I’ve collected over the years.”"

"We call it 'the archive,' and we haven’t released anything from that," Haggard explained. "When I get unable to record or sing anymore or get killed or something, well, they’ll probably put it out."

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