Micah Nelson immerses viewers in the spirit of Austin, Texas, in a new episode of the three-part video series, Sites and Sounds.

Launched in June 2019, Sites and Sounds is a partnership between Southwest and Luck Productions to showcase artists and the places that have impacted them musically and personally. Premiering exclusively with Taste of Country, this 25-minute episode titled "Sites and Sounds: Austin" finds Micah — the youngest son of revered music icon Willie Nelson — traveling to his favorite spots across the diverse community of Austin, inviting his friend, prolific folk singer-songwriter and guitarist Sunny War, to join him.

One of the first stops is to raw juice bar JuiceLand, then to one of Micah's favorite restaurants, Torchy's Tacos, for some decadent tacos and burritos. The pair of musicians also make a stop at beloved Antone's Record Shop where Micah and his brother Lukas Nelson stumble upon a variety of one-of-a-kind records, including an original If I Could Only Remember My Name album by David Crosby.

One of the highlights of the episode takes place inside Hopscotch, an immersive and interactive art space that Micah Nelson uses as the location to shoot his self-described "psychedelic" music video for his song "Radio Flyer." Describing the eclectic space as an "experiential art show," Nelson, War and their friends get creative shots in the translucent ball pit, strings of color changing lights, massive balloon art installations and trippy funhouse style mirrors.

The episode culminates with a performance from Particle Kid — Michah's stage name — at the iconic Luck Reunion in Luck, Texas, the makeshift town just outside of Austin that was built as the set for Nelson's 1986 film based off his album of the same name, Red Headed Stranger. With War on lead vocals and guitar and the young Nelson helming the drums, the band delights the crowd of people who gathered to revel in their unique sound.

”What a wild few days. Especially that last day where we shot a whole music video at Hopscotch, ate at Torchys, blew a tire on the highway, but we still made it back to Luck — and the camera crew captured it all!" Micah Nelson shares with Taste of Country.

"It was fun shooting with the Southwest crew. I will always cherish the first, and most likely, last time I ate a huge burrito on camera," adds War.

"Sites and Sounds: Austin" is available now. Episode 1 of the series follows Lukas as he explores the family's second home of Maui, Hawaii, while episode three will highlight San Francisco.

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