Fans of Michael Ray’s "Real Men Love Jesus" will argue that the song is what the country is missing. The Florida-raised singer sings of strong family values and a commitment to hard work before allowing a little room for true love and a good time.

It’s a pure, traditional, country ballad that will force anyone who dismissed “Kiss You in the Morning” to reconsider who this singer is. In addition to mama, the 40-hour work week and commitment to a higher power …

... “Real men love fishin' / Fast cars and livin’ / Out on the edge so far they’re gonna need forgivin’ / Real men like football / Cowboys and outlaws / Can’t help but fly so high it’s gonna hurt to fall.”

The singer’s voice stands above a familiar arrangement. Gone is the grit that powered his debut hit, replaced by a smooth tenor fit for storytelling.

“They like Saturday nights out on the town / Sunday morning coming down / A pretty girl out on the dance floor spinnin’ / Round and round and round they go / Cold beer and a dirty hand / Calling home every chance they can / To say I love you / They don’t need a reason / Real men love Jesus,” Ray sings at the chorus.

“Real Men Love Jesus” is a signature track from the Michael Ray album released earlier this summer. It lacks the raw power of his debut, but brings something many say is missing from the radio. It should find few obstacles on its way to becoming a hit.

Why Fans Will Love It: This pure country song sings of values most will appreciate.

Key Lyrics: "Real men love Jesus / They don’t believe in leavin’ / When the goin’ gets tough / They just keep on keepin’."

Did You Know?: Ray says "Real Men Love Jesus" would have been his grandfather's favorite song on the album. He died earlier this year.

Listen to Michael Ray, “Real Men Love Jesus”

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