During Tuesday's (March 26) Blind Auditions for Season 4 of 'The Voice,' quirky and undeniably talented duo Midas Whale offered up their accordion and acoustic guitar-laden rendition of Johnny Cash's iconic track 'Folsom Prison Blues.' It was unforgettable and left an impression on all four of the show's famous coaches.

The Idaho-based twosome were serious while playing the song (though their name is supposed to be funny -- 'might as well' said in an accent), and it took a minute, but all four of the coaches warmed up to the Whale.

At first, it seemed like none of the coaches were willing to flip their chairs around, but eventually Usher, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Shakira all swiveled. They had no choice and were picked off one by one, as they could not deny the power of the Whale.

The pair's performance was unique and organic, and it felt like more of a neo-folk show, as opposed to watching a competitive reality singing show. That likely has to do with the fact that the pair is from the heartland and serious about their craft.

Midas Whale had their pick of the litter, so to speak, when it came to the available coaches. They elected to join Team Adam Levine. On Monday, Shelton picked up his first country contestant in young Danielle Bradbery, who performed a Taylor Swift cover. Watch that here.

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