Midland, the group behind recent country radio hit “Drinkin’ Problem,” will release their debut album on Sept. 22.

The three-piece country throwback debuted their eponymous, five-song EP in 2016 behind the strength of their “Drinkin’ Problem” single, which has been holding steady at No. 14 (as of June 26) on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. Though details are sparse about their to-be-titled album, the trio did release on info on how they're recording and what they want out of their work.

"We're working really hard at cultivating an album full of songs that mean something to us but also fit together," says Midland's Cameron Duddy in an interview with Billboard. "Picking songs that fit together nice and tell our story and represent the place that we're at right now in music has been the agenda for putting this thing together, and we're very excited to share it with people. We're proud of it."

Frontman Mark Wystrach also stresses the importance of live elements in their debut recordings, to make sure the trio can easily recreate their recorded moments onstage. “Everything’s tracked live, so that’s I think what gives it its spirit,” he says. “The big thing for us is translating the recordings into the live show 'cause that’s what we are. That’s why we started this band, was to be a band and to play live music out there. I mean, if you can’t do it live, then you’ve got no business doing it; doing any kind of music.”

Midland are currently on tour through October, playing a variety of fairs and country music festivals. They'll also perform sporadic opening spots for Darius Rucker and Kenny Chesney in July and August.

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