Miranda Lambert is the most-nominated artist at this year's CMA Awards, and she's using that spotlight to fight for women in country music.

ToC's Billy Dukes caught up with Lambert on Monday (Nov. 3) in the run-up to the awards, and when he shared with the singer that Taste of Country is predicting she will take Entertainer of the Year, she seemed momentarily nonplussed.

"Geez! That's a huge one," Lambert says. "I haven't said anything about it. I don't want to ... that category is so big, and it's just what everybody works so hard towards, and just to be a female and be in it, I'm happy."

The climate for female artists has been a subject of much debate over the last few years, as ladies have been edged out at radio by more and more emphasis on so-called "bro-country." Lambert is one of a tiny vanguard of female artists who have earned across-the-board success, and she's using it to help others.

"I'm taking my friends, artists that are friends of mine out on tour next year -- RaeLynn, Ashley Monroe, Sunny Sweeney, Danielle Bradbery," Lambert relates. "I just want to bring them to the forefront, 'cause I think we're just really missing something right now, and there's so many amazing, talented females out there and if I can have any part in them getting heard, I want to."

The singer-songwriter showed up to chat with Taste of Country sporting platinum nail polish in honor of her latest project. "I'm just speaking about 'Platinum,' just speaking out to the Earth that hopefully my album will go Platinum," she says.

Lambert will be wearing that polish on the CMA Awards Wednesday night (Nov. 5), but she drew the line at a platinum-colored dress. "I didn't want to look like a Tin Man," she quips.

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