Miranda Lambert is proud of her Entertainer of the Year nomination in the 2015 ACM Awards, but she admits it's a little daunting.

“That’s the one you sort of think about whenever you’re 20 years old and starting this whole process. You think, ‘I want to nominated for Entertainer of the Year one day,’" she tells Carson Daly in an interview with AMP Radio. "And it’s scary, you know? It’s just such a huge category. Everybody in it deserves it. I mean, you don’t get there unless you work your butt off for all these years and so, I’m really proud to be the only female. I mean, I feel like I’m sort of waving the flag for all the other female artists who are up and coming. It’s a struggle right now with female artists and country.”

Lambert is one of the small handful of female country artists who has been able to sustain success at country radio over the last few years. Her most recent album, Platinum, has been a smash success, and she leads this year's ACM nominations with eight, including Album, Single Record and Song of the Year.

“I’m proud of it," she says of the album. "I’ve said that about this record more than any record I’ve ever made, and I don’t really know why. I guess just being a little bit older than I was when I made my first record. I’ve been doing this for twelve years now, so like, I think I’m a little more conscious of everything that’s at stake if it’s not great, you know?"

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