Miranda Lambert's 'All Kinds of Kinds' is courageous, and the music video for the song visually portrays the heart of the song's message, which preaches inclusion, acceptance and love for all different types of people. It's heartwarming and intriguing -- as well as deeply moving.

The clip starts off in black and white, with different people holding up marker boards with messages such as "sacrifice kind," "crazy kind" and "livin' the dream kind." The video depicts Lambert singing 'All Kinds of Kinds' with her band in an intimate setting, cutting to many shots of the singer and her crew on stage, shining under spotlights.

It also shows her just being her spunky self, giving the roaring crowds a thumbs up and jumping around with a huge smile on her face, showing that she truly enjoys what she does best.

The 'All Kinds of Kinds' video is interspersed with more individuals, couples, and groups holding marker boards, with truly great messages on them, such as "small town kind," "soldier kind," "live for the moment kind," "mechanic kind" and "father figure kind." Just like the song's lyrics: "Cause ever since the beginning to keep the world / spinning / It takes all kinds of kinds,” the music video captures glimpses of many kinds that help our world today keep spinning and moving.

It's truly refreshing to see her spotlighting so many people in all different shapes, races, sizes and ages. And, one of our favorite parts of the video? The 'Mama's Broken Heart' singer with her dog, making it wave its legs to the beat of the song. The smile on Lambert's face is truly impossible to see without grinning back.

The 'All Kinds of Kinds' video is raw and unique -- it's not overly glamorized and feels really intimate and impactful. Every viewer will have a deeper respect for Lambert after seeing it.