Miranda Lambert is one of country music's most beloved divas, who set the tone for her career early on by being a strong, fierce and independent woman. Really, her pop music counterpart could very well be Beyonce.

And that may be mutual. There is definitely some love between the two ladies, as the 'Mama's Broken Heart' singer tweeted about taking in a Beyonce show -- her fourth time seeing the former Destiny's Child star -- and paid her the utmost compliments.

Lambert had no shame in being a Beyonce fangirl, writing about her experience at the Dallas concert last week. "Saw Beyonce in concert last night for the fourth time! Amazing! Inspiring! Flawless! Thanks American Airlines Center for the hospitality!" Lambert's post read.

Perhaps Lambert and Beyonce should hook up for a duet sometime? They are clearly cut from the same musical cloth, and are some of the strongest women working music today, regardless of genre. Both are also married to music superstars within their genres of choice, as well. Both Lambert and Bey also each have unique and enviable senses of style, and "stunning" doesn't even begin to describe either curvy gal or their physical attributes. See, the ladies do have a lot in common!

Lambert was also vocal in her support of Queen Bey when she was criticized for lip-synching the national anthem at the Obama inauguration this past January. At the time, the country singer said she didn't think it was a big deal, despite the media making it out to be as such.

At least Beyonce knows that one of country music's finest has her back.