Miranda Lambert was profiled on NBC's 'Dateline' last night. In an online clip from the interview, the news program examined her rise to fame and her relationship with new husband Blake Shelton, much like her VH1 'Behind the Music' special did.

Obviously, the juicy topic that her now-husband was already married when they first met came up, since there's a natural curiosity about their union. When it was mentioned that it looked like she and Shelton were falling in love while onstage performing together for the first time, Lambert admitted, " I knew he was married. I had seen the wedding pictures in Country Weekly. I knew better. This is off limits."

The reason she "knew better" was a direct result of her upbringing. She said, "My parents are private investigators, for God's sake ... of all people to know better, I know better." Props to Lambert for not skirting the issue and facing Hoda Kotb's questions in a straightforward manner.

Though the start of their relationship was complicated, the story had a happy ending when the two wed this year. Still, Lambert also knows what it's like to be "the other woman" in Shelton's life. He's having quite the extra-marital relationship with Twitter, so much so that his new wife often places second! Lambert conceded, "I've given up. I told him, 'You are in love with Twitter and I am your girlfriend on your side.' He will delete it from his phone because he realizes he needs help."

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