Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are adding a Nashville zip code to their address book!

In an exclusive interview with Taste of Country's Sam Alex, Lambert confirms that she and her equally famous husband have purchased a house in Music City.

The power couple are Oklahoma residents, and the 'Automatic' singer proclaims that they still plan to live there full time. However, Lambert says it made the most sense to buy something permanent in Nashville, considering how much time they spend in the country music capital.

“We just bought a house here in Nashville, outside of town," the songstress reveals. "We had a condo for awhile, but we wanted to like, kinda put roots down, because we’re always going to be in Nashville.”

But Lambert and Shelton may not get as much time in Nashville as they're hoping. With Shelton's coaching duties on NBC's 'The Voice,' the pair spends a lot of their time in Los Angeles, as well.

“We live in Oklahoma full time, but we of course lease a place in L.A. when Blake’s working on ‘The Voice,'" Lambert dishes, adding that she enjoys her time in the southern California sunshine. "When we leave Oklahoma, we’re leaving 20 degree weather and it’s snowing and sleeting, and we get to L.A. and it’s sunny and 75, and I’m just like ... ‘Oh, thank goodness.’”

Despite all of their traveling, Lambert is thrilled to have a place in Nashville and hints that owning a home there means that neither she or Shelton are planning to take a break from music anytime soon.

“We’re excited about it because we’re here all the time and we’ll always be here recording records and having something to do in Nashville," she concludes.

Music City welcomes Blake and Miranda with open arms!