Blake Shelton isn't nervous about his upcoming gig hosting 'Saturday Night Live' -- but his wife is.

The affable entertainer will make his 'SNL' debut on Saturday (Jan. 24), when he will both host and perform on the iconic sketch comedy program. But despite the fact that the shows airs live, the 'Lonely Tonight' singer insists it's no big deal.

"I'm not really nervous," he says in the commercial above. "I'm a natural at making an a-- out of myself. If that's what this show requires of me, I think I'm gonna nail it."

His wife, Miranda Lambert, won't be at the live broadcast because of her concert schedule -- but she'll probably be thinking about it, according to Shelton.

"I think there's a little part of Miranda that's really worried about this. I mean, just to be completely honest," he tells E! News. "Miranda's always the one when we're at parties or something and I'm being funny and I start taking it too far into gross land or whatever, she's the one that's always like, ‘Blake! Blake, stop it.' She won't be here when we do this and there won't be anybody. She's like a stage mom and she won't be here to go, ‘Oh, I really don't think you should do that.'"

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