Miranda Lambert and Dia Frampton are the two women closest to 'The Voice' coach Blake Shelton's heart, and that's why his wife and his protege were able to perform 'The House That Built Me' together on tonight's finale of 'The Voice.'

Shelton said that Frampton reminded him of his wife because "they are both mold breakers. There is nobody else like 'em." These two mold breakers created quite a memorable (and attractive) pairing when they sang the tune, giving it a new tone and effectively increasing the emotional heft of an already weighty song.

Lambert opened with the first verse, with Frampton's breathy voice coming in next, before they both turned things up a notch. It was sweet seeing them look at each other while they sang, and it was sweet to see how their voices -- which are two totally different styles -- intertwined on one of Lambert's biggest hits. It was like they were meant to be a female country duo with an edge. Maybe that's part of Frampton's future?

Frampton took a hip-hop song and made it her own when she re-did Kanye West's 'Heartless' a few weeks ago ,and tonight, she put her stamp on a twangy, country ballad that is considered one of Lambert's definitive works. That's not easy to do, but she does it over and over again.

Shelton was visibly touched to his core when the ladies in his life were done singing their hearts out. He said, "I was probably supposed to have something prepared to say. I know why I get so emotional around you, Dia. Watching you sing that song with my wife, it makes sense to me. You are family to me now and I love you. I really do."

When the season's outcome was announced, though, the winner was not Dia Frampton. Javier Colon, who sang 'Landslide' with Stevie Nicks tonight, won 'The Voice.'

Watch Miranda Lambert and Dia Frampton Sing 'The House That Built Me'