Two titans of country music, Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley, will join forces in 2013 for the Locked & Reloaded Tour. The tour will launch on Jan. 17 and bring a big dose of country heat to the bitter cold days of winter.

"Making music for our fans is the best job in the world," Lambert declared in a statement. "It’s especially great being able to take to that music on the road with someone I respect as an artist and human being. This will be a tour of 'epic bada--ery.'"

That, we do not doubt! Bring on the epic bada--ery.

Her tourmate, Bentley, concurred, saying, "Some of my favorite times on tour over the years were with Miranda and her crew. We have a lot in common musically and our fans do too. It's going to be a killer year."

Strap yourselves in, country music fans, because Lambert and Bentley are going to work their tails off to ensure that they deliver the best night(s) of music they possibly can, especially during the doldrums of winter. You now have something exciting to look forward to during the cold, drab season!

The exact dates and venue locations for the 2013 Locked & Reloaded Tour have not yet been revealed, but the cities have. The full list of markets that are about to get locked and reloaded are below.

Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley 2013 Locked & Reloaded Tour Cities:

Columbia, S.C.
Knoxville, Tenn.
Roanoke, Va.
Baltimore, Md.
Reading, Pa.
Atlantic City, N.J.
Dekalb, Ill.
Dayton, Ohio
Huntington, W.V.
Ames, Iowa
Champaign, Ill.
E Lansing, Mich.
Rochester, N.Y.
Albany, N.Y.
Portland, Maine
Wichita Falls, Texas
Oklahoma City, Okla.
Kansas City, Mo.
Macon, Ga.
Jacksonville, Fa.
Estero, Fla.
Bossier City, La.
Springfield, Mo.
Tulsa, Okla.
Syracuse, N.Y.
Hershey, Pa.
Uniondale, N.Y.
San Diego, Ca.
Irvine, Ca.
Las Vegas, Nev.
Phoenix, Ariz.
Albuquerque, N.M.
Denver, Colo.

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