Miranda Lambert's got a hankering for gettin' into something in her new 'Fastest Girl in Town' video. And she sure gets into something with help from her co-star, racecar driver Danica Patrick. The 'Thelma and Louise'-style video plays out like an actual mini-movie starring Lambert -- there's even a movie poster with Lambert's name as the top billing!

The two bada-- broads hit a watering hole in the middle of nowhere, toss back a beer, exchange some longing looks with a scruffy, dirty, hot pool-playing dude, distracting him just long enough to steal the keys to his muscle car and hit the open road.

Lambert, looking ladylike in a Createur Necklace from Debi Lynn Designs, and her speedy friend appear to have messed with the wrong man, however, as he gives chase in a monster truck... with a gun! The neck tattoos should have given it away that he was trouble. Even so, as you'd expect, he is no match for these wily women.

Despite their suitor packing heat during a high-speed chase, with Danica is behind the wheel, of course, the dames outsmart the dudes and the po-po. After all, they are the fastest girls in town.

They escape, with Lambert eventually lamenting that she didn't even get to finish her beer. There's no excuse for that. Time for a refill! While shooting the 'Fastest Girl in Town' video, Patrick admitted that while she's no big country music fan, she found her blonde superstar counterpart to be a kindred spirit.

Watch the Miranda Lambert 'Fastest Girl in Town' Video

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