Miranda Lambert recruited race car driver Danica Patrick for her 'Thelma and Louise'-themed 'The Fastest Girl in Town' video. While Patrick is not a country music fan, she did find herself enamored by Lambert, referring to the singer as a "kindred spirit."

That makes sense, since both beauties are bad ass in their own right and in their respective careers.

"Miranda was great," Patrick told ESPN. "I appreciated her asking me. Every time somebody famous knows who I am I always say, 'I can't believe you know my name.' It's a funny thought. Maybe I sound silly, but it's still really cool when somebody famous like that knows who you are.' She says, 'Oh, yeah, I totally know who you are.' She's like, 'For weeks now it's me and my trainer, going to work out for Danica.' How did she say it? The 'Danica workout' or something. I was very flattered. She was really sweet."

Patrick recognized the flame that burns inside Lambert, saying, "She's got a lot of pep and a lot of spark. She and I got along. I just feel like she and I are kindred spirits, and we'd be trouble together."

You hear that Blake Shelton? Keep your wife away from any "girls night out" scenarios with Patrick!

The vid for 'The Fastest Girl in Town' isn't Patrick's first time at the video rodeo, so to speak. She actually co-starred with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in rap guru Jay-Z's 'Show Me What You Got' back in 2006. But something tells us this Lambert vid was more up her alley, as it's like a mini movie.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, Patrick says, 'It's a 'Thelma and Louise'-themed video where Miranda and I are partners in crime and I play the getaway driver." See, she and Lambert get in trouble on screen. We can only imagine how it would spill over into real life.

Patrick continues, "We pull up to a bar and we may have used our femininity to distract the boys, grab some keys, slide out the back door and take off with the car." Oh, how we love bad gals like Miranda and Danica.

Patrick was able to draw parallels between the video and a race, saying, "You need to be prepared. It's tough to have a plan because things change and you have to be ready for it. Stay focused and use all your assets."

Looks like Miranda and Danica used all their assets and then some in 'The Fastest Girl in Town' video.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage of 'The Fastest Girl in Town' Video