Sometimes a little rest is all you need, especially when you are one of the most prolific country stars working today, splitting time as a solo artist and a member of an all-girl trio. Miranda Lambert confirmed that she is "way better" after being forced to cancel a handful of gigs earlier this month in order to rest that famous voice of hers.

"I'm way better," Lambert, who is also a member of Pistol Annies, told Country Weekly. "I just needed a little rest. I’ve been kinda goin' 90 to nothin' and it caught up with me."

Lambert didn't just rest her pipes during her downtime. She also rested her thumbs and took a bit of a respite from Twitter, which she was well within her rights to do. Sometimes you just need a couple of days to reboot and recharge all of the batteries in your life. Even so, 'The Fastest Girl in Town' singer insists that her lack of Twitter activity was purely coincidental.

"I guess it was coincidental," she said with a laugh. "I guess when you rest, you just rest from everything."

We're glad that Lambert is back at full strength and rarin' to go, both vocally and digitally.


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